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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How Do You Know Its The One....

As an absolute fashion obsessive you would assume the best part of getting married would be to go dress shopping.... how very wrong i was

  Infact dress shopping was my least favourite part of the entire wedding process; i have always known my own style, what i like and what i dont like and i have always been true to that and i assumed that when i was wedding dress shopping i would know the one when i put it on (like everyone tells you, you will just know) this did not happen and with every dress shop i went to it killed my soul a little bit more, i felt maybe i wasnt supposed to be a bride, i had so many conflicting opinions and the style dress i had in my 'vision' i could just not find, i spent 6 months looking and i easily went to 7 different shops and towards the end i had just had enough... i said to Louis how devestated i was and that i was just going to buy a dress i had already tried on as we were quickly approaching the 12 month mark and he said he didnt care if i wore a wedding dress or not which honestly took a bit of stress away as at this point i honestly had no idea what to do.

As part of the wedding process i decided i wanted to ensure all the women in our lives were included, so i took Louis's mum, nan and auntie shopping with me and also my mum, grandma and nan and a few of my close friends at different times and different places but i felt so lost everytime; then Louis's cousin recommened Tilly Anna's in Farndon (Cheshire) and from the second i walked in Anna was fantastic she understood exactly what i was after and really got my 'vision', she asked me not to look at the dresses but to let her pick 5 for me to try on first and i am so glad i did; the first one was stunning and so bohemian i loved it but she rightly said she felt i would probably own something like that in my everyday wardrobe (boho maxis are one of my loves) and that your wedding dress should be something so different to what you already own, so the next one i put on i fell in love with, that was it i knew it was my wedding dress; my main concern throughout the whole wedding dress shopping process was finding a dress that i could see me standing next to Louis in, there were a few that i liked alot but i just couldnt envision me marrying Louis in them as i felt it had to fit us, our day and our wedding so when i put the final dress on i just knew he would love it and it would be perfect for our chateau wedding


The first wedding dress I ever tried on... The ultimate princess dress, I felt like I was on a floating in this dress but I just couldn't see me marrying Louis in it.

Now I loved this dress but I am so small on the top I knew I couldn't get away with it, but this would have been my dress if I hadn't found the one.

This dress felt a bit dated on me.... It was stunning and I felt so elegant but I felt this was more a 30 year old me.

I loved the shape on this dress but satin was a huggeeeee no with travelling abroad for the wedding.
The first time I tried on 'the one' I felt instantly like a princess

My first fitting in my actual dress. (Excuse me as I am the most uncomfortable bride ever!! I just did not know how to react having my picture taken and it did make me worry about my actual wedding photos)

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