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Friday, 12 July 2013

Summer Sunshine

So the weather is getting hotter and hotter (almost to the point of unbearable wheres a pool when you need one?), But it does mean that i can have a play around with some of the items in my wardrobe that are normally deemed too short when the temperature is under 20 degrees.

Shirt (Worn as a Dress) - Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop
Shoes - Primark (New In)
Sunglasses - RayBan 

I am in love with this shirt; it is from the first Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop range i fell in love with it instantly and had to have it, since i bought it i have seen a few celebrities wearing it including Mary-Kate Olsen who brought her own bohemian twist to it.

Barbara Hulanicki is the genius behind the brand Biba which was huge in the 60's and embodies the British punk hippy era, her designs still inspire today she created a in demand brand that will never be replicated and as much as i love her designs and style i feel like the Biba essence has not been translated in to the 21st century very well, i loved her first collection for Topshop it was exciting and unique it felt almost like owning a original but it has been 4 years since then and now there is a Biba range in House of Fraser that comes out every season and i just honestly dont think it represents the name it carries which is a shame and each to their own, how i feel about it is not how every one feels because it is a hugely popular collection, but it does not excite me like the vintage Biba or like Topshops first collection.

Ive paired mine with my new sandals from Primark, i have been swooning over the Celine sandals for months ever since Zara did their version i needed a pair but being a size 6 and wanting the most coveted shoes around has been near impossible so when i spotted these new in beauties in Primarni this week and they actually had my size in i knew i had to purchase them (the £12 price tag helped!!) so i am in need of lots of lovely summery events to make sure i wear these as much as possible over coming months! 

This sunshine has been beautiful but so hot it has been hard getting motivated to get dressed in anything other than a bandeau and short shorts but i was determined to make a effort today and share it with you all! I love the sun but it is very hard to be fashionable in it!! 

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