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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Old School Inspiration

So back in the day when i started falling in love with fashion there were two little fashionista's who really showed me the fun of fashion and really inspired me for the next 10 years... 

These two fashionistas are obviously Mary-Kate and Ashley (yes the super famous child celebrity twins), they are of course known for their acting careers when they were young and for being the richest children on the planet but its really in their later life when they really started to catch my attention, they became so unique and dressed so individually and really have been the inspiration behind a lot of huge trends over the past 10 years; now they are the CEO's of The Row and Elizabeth and James along with a variety of other fashion businesses and have really established themselves as key players in the contemporary fashion scene, they have spent along time trying to get away from their celebrity status and have really achieved something amazing without using their names to promote it.... Now back to the fashion inspiration, they experiment with looks, push boundaries and beat to the sound of their own drums and i have always loved their looks and have always had a stash of their images on my computer for inspiration when i need it... so here are a few of my favourite looks......

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