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Friday, 26 February 2016

Daily Uniform

So stripes are never too far from my thoughts when it comes to outfit planning, i find if i go away for a weekend i end up packing at least 3 striped items (normally white with black stripes) and when i go shopping thats normally what i am drawn too...

This thin jumper from H&M is amazing it goes with everything, it isn't figure hugging and is a nice muffin top covering length and it is perfect for this transitional weather we seem to be having, now i bought this jumper last year in the sale for £5 but this one here is similar but obviously the thinner knits haven't come through yet but this one here is a much lighter fabric but is a lot more striped (as this does make a difference to how its worn), so i have gone with another of my wardrobe staples for this outfit... blue jeans!! now i had the most amazing pair of black moto style coated jeans from Boohoo that i wore literally to death (knee holes, seam holes but i had to draw the line at the crotch holes that appeared) so i have not been able to replace these jeans in my wardrobe so i have found myself wearing my other go to pair of denim which is these H&M jeans, now H&M denim is expensive but its surprisingly good, these are just a mid rise light wash skinny and they are worn constantly, never in my life would i have paid £40 for denim but when i worked for them they had so many amazing offers i had to take advantage and I'm now completely converted and once they have in my perfect black jeans i will definitely be buying! look out for offers as H&M do tend to focus on denim a few times a year and you can end up buying one pair and getting another half price which is always amazing!!

So i have parted my stripes and denim with another staple of mine... Over the knee boots! i am literally obsessed! i have flat pairs and high heeled pairs these ones are very similar to the Public Desire ones which you can find here (get 10% off if you sign up to their newsletter) i wear over the knee boots at least 3 times a week especially in this weather as i can wear thick socks and I'm still keeping warm! and they go with everything, quite often i will just wear them with black tights and a dress and they always look fab.

So my sparkly vintage jacket is not part of my daily uniform but i do love it and its such a statement piece that it goes perfectly with casual outfits, this one i purchased at the clothes show a few years ago and it doesn't get many outings (theres not many places here that can handle a sparkly statement jacket), so i have also styled my outfit up with my Zara fur gilet which has been one of the hardest working pieces in my wardrobe over the past few years, it goes with everything it keeps me warm and always makes a statement, pieces like this are always worth investing in.

So i am not a major hat person but this winter a wide brim hat has been my saviour! this one normally sits on the parcel shelf of my car so its to hand on bad hair days or when its rainy and miserable, the main issue i have with these hats is they sit in my eye line I'm not sure if i pick rubbish ones or if my head is just not the right size! this one is a children's one as i was struggling to find one that fit properly! 

Any way hope everyone is loving this rare sunshine! 

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