Love List

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Just An Ounce Of Military Precision...

Being the headstrong 'miss independant' i am, i was adamant we would not need a wedding planner for our French wedding and that it was just a huge unecessary cost.... in hindsight it probably would have made my life alot easier, whether it would have got rid of my sleepless nights is unlikely as i am a natural stress head (in fact i stress if i have nothing to stress about) and as i am a perfectionist i probably would have driven a poor wedding planner crazy with my constant questions and mind changing; thankfully the Chateau Manager Tiphaine (who also runs a wonderful wedding planning company called Chateaux Avenue) was the most helpful human i have ever met, her patience with my endless queries was overwhelming as i can annoy myself with how many questions i have over things, she put me in contact with amazing suppliers and facebook groups, i honestly do not think our wedding would have been any where near as amazing with Tiphaines help and if i was to do it all again i would have her planning it for me without a doubt.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Santorini Style Picks

So in a few weeks time Louis and I will be jetting off to Santorini to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary, my absolute favourite part of any holiday is the wardrobe planning
A) Because we love to go to places that have their own distinct style
B) Because who doesnt love holiday shopping?

Thursday, 18 May 2017

We Cant Have A Wedding Without A Venue....

So Louis proposed on the Great Wall of China in September 2014, One of the first things he asked was can we get married in France? and go to Disney Land the next day? What is not to love about those questions following a gorgeous sparkly ring... Our only issue was that Louis runs his family business that operates 6 days a week so to get all his family and mine all in France at the same time was going to require some military precision and alot of consideration.