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Monday, 5 August 2013

August Outfit a Day Challenge

August is a pretty temperamental month weather wise, so I thought I would attempt to do a outfit a day challenge; throughout August the weather can go from HOT to rainy and cold within hours so i thought it might be interesting to see what my go to pieces are and how i can style them for different weather conditions.

So Here is Day 1 -

Wearing my favourite Zara sequin trousers and my newly purchased Primark high neck crop, I have also styled it up with my skull shoes from the amazing website everything5pounds (yes they were only £5!! They scream McQueen to me!) and my statement necklace from Primark; i also tried a little half up half down with my hair, normally its all down and messy so i thought i would go with a more polished look. Also please excuse the quality i dont always have time to go get my Nikon so some are taken on my iphone!

Day 2 - 

Channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn with this look; i am obsessed with Breakfast and Tiffanys and that iconic first shot of AH looking in the window of Tiffanys with her Wayfarers, Black Maxi and her coffee is a image that is stuck in my mind so i do find myself dressing sub consciously like this at times; The dress is from Rage and i purchased it a few years ago i paired it with my RayBans, my pearls and a up do, i always feel so chic in this dress even though it is just a basic jersey dress, thats the power of a good maxi.

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